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I wouldn’t mind living a quiet life for the most part. People want a lot, but they really don’t need much at all. I wouldn’t mind being single and having nearly any friends. I wouldn’t mind waking up every morning to an empty house or an apartment, only to cook and eat breakfast by myself. I wouldn’t mind going to work early and coming home late every night, to go shopping, do laundry, and workout, all by myself. Maybe never really talking to anyone unless it’s really that important.

It’s the independency that keeps your chin up high, just knowing that you’re able to do something by yourself gives you the pure pleasure of accomplishment. It’s the mysterious vibe you give off by keeping a daily routine that doesn’t involve people but their interest. It’s the psychological twist that keeps people guessing. It really is the quiet ones that you should be concerned about. It’s those who watch life play by play and keep notes to themselves. It’s those who over think everything but always have an idea, a plan, a goal, or a mission. It’s those who leave you completely vulnerable, leaving their mark unexpectedly. 

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